Built from the elevator up.

Civic Elevator was created in April 2020 as Arcline Elevation Software Holdings, LLC. Our strategy is simple:

  • Start with the elevator— use public, private, and commercial data to build the best, most useful database in the industry
  • Quickly build & acquire the best software in the industry. We have the best brands in the business built by some of the smartest minds. Our tools are proven by decades of service in New York City
  • Conduct continuous user research to listen to the people we serve– the people who share their skilled, indispensable labor to keep people safe and move them in our cities and towns— so that we make their their lives easier and our software better

CEO Daniel X. O’Neil has built the best team in the business, with a mix of technology professionals drawn from the broader technology industry alongside elevator business veterans who have built companies and learned the ropes in the most demanding environments.

Detail page for a device in the Civic Elevator database.

Growth through building & acquisition

Since inception, we’ve built robust internal tools, databases, and research around elevators and the people who maintain them.

In March 2021 we acquired Site Services Software, the leading provider of software for New York City-based elevator service contractors. Founder Doug vanden Bosch has spent nearly 30 years listening to the best minds in the business and building directly to their specifications. The result is the most sophisticated database, workflows, and custom reports serving the most demanding market in North America. We serve dozens of customers with tens of thousands of devices under management.

In November 2021 we acquired UpVate, maker of market-leading Web-based compliance software in New York City and Massachusetts. Co-founder Erik Blazynski has fine-tuned the processes and tools that inspectors, witnesses, and servicers need to simplify the management of inspections and violations and reduces fines. Our customers are the largest, most recognizable names in the business and we save them money every day

Product strategy

We’ve pulled all of this software into a coherent, comprehensive solution for the vertical transportation industry— desktop tools for the office and mobile solutions in the field for service and compliance. From here, we’ve got three strategic objectives:

  • Move the powerful CSS desktop client to Microsoft Business Central, making the best database in the elevator business more accessible and more integrated with industry-leading accounting software
  • Build connections between our various databases through APIs so that our customers can connect to their data wherever they are, and act on insights quickly
  • Prioritize mobile apps to extend the value of our software and empower the geniuses in the field who actually do the work

We’re doing all of this in direct partnership with our customers, delivering on the tools they’ve used to run their business for years while continuously improving them. Legacy solutions mixed with modern, improved products.

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