CSS Mobile

Essential tools for managing work in the field.

We offer two mobile apps for connecting to the CSS Desktop platform— CSS Mobile, a modern, cross-platform app with a robust roadmap of planned development, and the CSS Legacy Mobile app, built in 2014 for iOS with a sophisticated feature set. Which app you choose depends on your specific needs and your phone operating system.

Each app pulls data from your ERP— history, coverages, exclusions, credit holds, building contacts— and displays it when it’s needed, to the person who needs it most.

CSS Mobile

Launched in 2022, CSS Mobile is focused on the maintenance route mechanic. It is in active development and is recommended for new customers using CSS Desktop. We have a clear product roadmap that gets to feature parity with the CSS Legacy Mobile app while leveraging modern development approaches.

Maintenance tickets are simple and convenient in the new CSS Mobile app.

Key features

  • Easy to use: simple, modern design is intuitive to mechanics. Designed with mechanics in mind
  • Building history: all dispatch history viewable by mechanics in the field
  • Rich content: share images, videos, and signatures with dispatchers
  • iOS and Android: no need to purchase new phones
  • Time reporting: mechanics allocate their time properly, in the moment
  • Payroll integration: easily prep import file for payroll

Contact us to get a link to download CSS Mobile and try it today.

Click here to download this user guide and see all features. Updated August 2022.

CSS Legacy Mobile

This product, launched in 2014, is best used for legacy customers that have customized their operations to fit to its features. Handles maintenance visits, service tickets, mod timesheets, labor tracking, and proposals.

Detail screen of CSS Legacy Mobile app