UpVate Anywhere

Comprehensive elevator inspection and reporting app for inspectors and consultants

The proven tool that has saved tens of millions of dollars for the industry, UpVate Anywhere is the easy to use Android / iOS app for the field that connects to UpVate Controller. You can create custom checklists and generate accurate, consistent client reports available anytime from anywhere. Your team spends less time on site and less time writing reports

  • Specifically designed for third-party witnesses and elevator consultants
  • Eliminate manual inspection process 
  • No more writing up paperwork
  • Generate reports automatically
  • Automate redundant tasks to improve workflow

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UpVate Anywhere simplifies inspections.
UpVate Anywhere allows for unlimited custom checklists.
Get your reports faster from UpVate Anywhere

Here’s a video explaining the UpVate Anywhere app: